Politicians think they are bigger than the nation says lyricist Javed Akhtar

Vastavam web:Veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar said today that politicians who think they are bigger than the nation are wrong and should know that they do not build nation but people of the country do.The 72-year-old lyricist was speaking at Sahitya Aaj Tak, where he said that some people have misinterpreted the definition of nationalism.”The interpretation of nationalism for some people is quite strange. They think that they are the nation. If you oppose them, then you become anti-national.
Akhtar, who had last year criticised Union Minister V K Singh for proposing to rename Akbar Road in Lutyens Delhi to Maharana Pratap Road, said the country has produced many great leaders and Mughal emperor Akbar was one of them.”That man was a huge personality with a vision nobody can match. About 400 years back when Europe had not even heard the word secularism. But here was a man in this country, who was not only secular, but also understood the philosophy and theory of secularism. He was working on it,” he added.Akhtar also said that a secular Muslim, like Akbar, is always abused by the fundamentalists and by people from other religions.”This is a very sorry state of affairs that any Muslim is not considered an Indian. Tipu Sultan is not an Indian and if I do not agree to this thought, then I become anti-national.