Lalith Babu crowned undisputed national chess champion

Vastavam web: PSPB Grandmaster Lalith Babu was crowned the undisputed champion after Odisha GM Debashis Das defeated challenger Aravindh Chithambaram of Tamil Nadu in the National Premier Chess Championship here today.Defending champion Karthikeyan could muster only the third position with 7.5 points.Debashis and S L Narayanan of Kerala were placed fourth and fifth with same number of points.
Aravindh’s preferred Kings Indian defence was not beneficial to him, as Debashis attained a good positional advantage on the 12th move itself.When Debashis’ c6- pawn attacked Aravindh’s bishop, the latter’s ploy of attacking the queen not only failed miserably, but also proved to be fatal. Debashis demolished Aravindh in just 28 moves.In an equal position arising out of the Catalan opening, Babu surprised everyone by allowing GM Swapnil Dhopade to repeat the moves and get away with a draw claim in just 14 moves, shortest in terms of both moves and time.