International relations can no longer be “held captive” says Pope Francis

Vastavam web: Pope Francis is warning that international relations can no longer be “held captive” by policies of fear and nuclear deterrence and is urging the world to instead endorse an admittedly utopian future free of atomic weapons.Francis has addressed Nobel peace laureates, UN and NATO officials and diplomats from countries with the bomb during a Vatican conference aimed at galvanizing support for a global shift from the Cold War era policy of nuclear deterrence to one of disarmament.
But he said reliance on such weapons “create nothing but a false sense of security,” and that any use of them, even accidental, would be “catastrophic” for humanity and the environment.Beatrice Fihn says previous treaties banning chemical and biological weapons were a crucial first step in making such arsenals illegal, and putting pressure on countries that had the weapons to disarm.Speaking on the sidelines of a Vatican disarmament conference Friday, Fihn has told The Associated Press: “If international law says it’s prohibited, it’s going to make it a lot harder for them (nuclear weapons states) to justify their decisions to modernise and invest in new types of weapons.”