Catalonia’s parliament speaker preparing to leave prison with paid bail

Vastavam web: The sacked speaker of Catalonia’s parliament was preparing to leave a prison near Madrid today as supporters posted her 150,000-euro bail a day after she was detained over her region’s controversial independence drive.A judge at the Supreme Court in Madrid on Thursday ordered Carme Forcadell to be held on charges of “rebellion” which carries a maximum jail term of 30 years as Spain’s worst political crisis in a generation rumbles on.A court spokeswoman said today that the 150,000 bond had been paid. “We’re just waiting for the judge’s order to free her,” she told reporters.
The influential pro-independence ANC lobby group had earlier called for donations to cover Forcadell’s bail.The Catalan crisis has caused shockwaves across the European Union, prompting hundreds of businesses to re- register outside of the wealthy northeastern region.In response to the declaration, Madrid fired Catalonia’s government and parliament, suspended the region’s autonomy and called for new elections there next month.
Forcadell appeared at the Supreme Court in Madrid yestersday along with five former Catalan lawmakers.She left in a police car, but the others were given a temporary reprieve by the judge, who said they must pay 25,000 euros (USD 30,000) each within a week or be detained.Puigdemont and four former Catalan ministers are due to appear in front of a Belgian judge next week after Spain issued a EU-wide warrant for their extradition.
Eight members of his former cabinet were detained last week on charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds for their role in the independence push.The 54-year-old former journalist insists he will not get a fair trial in Madrid, and has called on authorities to release Catalan “political prisoners”.A lifelong advocate of Catalan independence, Forcadell insists that as parliamentary speaker she didn’t “have the freedom to stop” the October 27 vote that saw lawmakers back a break from Madrid