NATO allies to boost support to war in Afghanistan

Vastavam web:  After months of lobbying NATO allies to increase their troop contributions and support to the war in Afghanistan, the alliance came up short today, meeting a bit more than 90 percent of the military requirements mapped out by commanders, according to NATO officials.U.S. military leaders, however, said they have been encouraged by the continuing discussions with several nations, who may eventually agree to increase their commitments.The gap, said General John Nicholson, top US commander for Afghanistan, has contributed to the lowest level of capabilities and the “highest level of risk we faced” in the 16-year war.
Nicholson and Scaparrotti declined to provide details on the numbers, but other NATO officials confirmed that coming out of the meeting today there would be a shortfall approaching 10 per cent. The officials weren’t authorized to discuss the numbers publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity.The additional trainers are critical to reaching the stated US and NATO goal of building up the Afghan forces so that they can take control of their own country’s security.
At the same time, officials want to use the increased military pressure to force Taliban leaders to the peace table.
Scaparrotti told reporters that, at the end of the day, there will still be a need for additional trainers and advisers, particularly at schools for Afghan forces.Nicholson told reporters that that he needs close to 16,000 troops to fill the NATO training mission in Afghanistan. That number does not include other support missions or counterterrorism operations against the Taliban, Islamic State militants and other insurgents.
Nicholson said he is most concerned about getting enough trainers and advisers for the Afghan commandoes, the Air Force and the schools where the military and local police are trained. In addition, he said he has asked for more forces to provide security for the troops.NATO officials said today that they met their goal of 16,000 troops for Afghanistan. That success, however, is due in part to the increase in US troop levels. Still, NATO and US officials lauded those nations that came through with additional forces.