Trump administration hopes South Asia policy make some progress

Vastavam web: America’s commitment to Afghanistan is unwavering, the Trump administration has said and expressed hope that President Donald Trump’s new South Asia policy could make some progress to find a peaceful solution for the warn-torn country.President Donald Trump in August laid out his South Asia policy vowing to keep American troops on Afghan soil so that a hasty recall does not create a void which will be filled by terrorists organisation like the al-Qaeda and so-called Islamic State.
“Think about the number of years that US and coalition forces have now been in Afghanistan. Think of all the lives that were lost, the blood that has been shed, the money that has been spent in Afghanistan. We are committed to trying to find a peaceful solution to Afghanistan, but recognise that the Government of Afghanistan will have to play a big part in that,” she said.”We do not know who’s responsible for that, but it’s pretty clear that that was terrorism. It is disgusting; it is wrong,” she said.