Movie Review: Adirindi


OVERVIEW: Adirindhi movie is a dubbed version of Tamil movie Mersal and it is a romantic action entertainer written and directed by Atlee.The story of the Adirindi moves through the two main characters, Bhargav (Vijay), a sincere doctor who fights against corruption and Vijay (Vijay), a magician who is out for a revenge. Both of them are estranged brothers and once they come together, they get to know about their common enemy, Daniel (SJ Surya), who had killed their father (Vijay) and mother (Nithya Menen). Adirindi deals with this revenge tale and has taken up some important social issues, as well. The movie is packed with certain amount of surprise packages along with its own share of entertaining elements. Atlee, the director has laced the movie with entertainment and message.

REVIEW: Vijay comes up with three characters and except in his body language and getup there is not much variaton in the characters he played. As an elder Vijay, he gets decent love track with Nitya Menen and that is the only point where ee get see some sparks in his performance too. Otherwise, he is same as he is in every movie of his.

Nitya Menen gets a meaty role and she does full justice to the age old formula. We enjoy her scenes as the comedy and romance go hand-in-hand. Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal annoy as the film progresses. They are just there for some breaks to the momentum as songs are a necessity in a Vijay film.SJ Suryah once again scores points for his poignant performance. This time he doesn’t overdo and is delightfully underplaying the whole time. He shows that Spyder performance is not just a one off but he is a talent to watch out for. Rest all the cast are there to give Vijay an elevation whenever director felt a need for one.

Surprisingly, the quality of dubbing is too good. The dialogues written don’t compromise for the lip sync much. The writers gave appropriate importantance to the meaning that needs to be conveyed and well done to the team, who dubbed the movie.

A R Rahman’s music is disappointing as not even one song manages to register. But A R’s background score is terrific and elevates the heroism to another level. Telugu dubbing is neat and so were the dialogues. The camerawork is quite gripping as the village visuals and the action elements have been showcased neatly. As said earlier, production values are top notch. Vijay has been styled quite nicely in the film.
Coming to the director Atlee, he has done a good job with the film. Even though he is very young, the manner in which he has handled an intense subject is very impressive. He does not compromise on the narration part and showcases the film in a neat manner. Probably, because of this, many might feel some lag in the proceedings during the second half.

Final verdict of the film is It is a nice commercial package with a thought-provoking social message.The film has very nicely placed mass elements which will keep the fans interested.