Movie Review: Next Nuvve

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Kiran (Aadi) is a television serial director who gets into trouble as he owes a lot of money to a dreaded goon (Jayaprakash). Kiran comes to know that his father owns an old palace in Araku. He along with his girlfriend (Vaibhavi) goes there and renovates the palace and sets up a hill top resort. He is accompanied by a manager (Brahmaji) and his sister (Rashmi). Every guest that comes to visit their palace dies in weird ways. Kiran tries to conceal the deaths as it would give bad reputation to his resort. But things go out of control as Kiran himself is on the line to die. What is the secret behind the deaths?

REVIEW: Aadi could very well have been a weak link in the overall proceedings. However, he manages to hold as he works well in few scenes and only someone of his age could be well suited for it. Overall, again there is nothing outstanding performance wise.Noted actor Brahmaji is undoubtedly a major plus for the film. His comedy timing and typical one-liners evoke a few laughs here and there. Anchor Rashmi Gautam performed decently in her limited screen presence.

Prabhakar doesn’t bring anything new to the horror-comedy genre. He plays it to the galleries by depending upon cheap thrills and crude humor. The changes made to the original are not so subtle. On a whole, it is just an unimpressive debut for Prabhakar as a filmmaker.

Sai Karthik did a fine job with the background score. Aachi Doochi humming is scary and catchy as well. Song shot on Avasarala and Himaja also is good. Cinematography is standard and the visual effects are pretty ordinary. The production design doesn’t add any value to the genre. Editing could have been crisp. The film is made on a very limited budget.

Final verdict of the film is Next Nuvve is yet another routine horror comedy which falls short of expectations.