Saad Hariri announced resignation, says fears for his life

Vastavam web: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation today, citing Iran’s “grip” on the country and threats to his life.”I announce my resignation from the post of prime minister,” he said in a speech broadcast from Saudi Arabia by the Al-Arabiya news network.”I felt what was being covertly plotted to target my life,” Hariri said.Hezbollah is Iran’s arm not just in Lebanon but in other Arab countries too,” he said.
“In recent years, Hezbollah has used the power of its weapons to impose a fait accompli,” he said, reading a speech from behind a desk.Hariri accused Tehran of “sowing discord among the children of the same nation and creating a state within the state to the extent that it gets the final say on how Lebanon’s affairs are run.” Its arsenal has since grown exponentially and now outstrips that of the nation’s own armed forces.
It claims it is the only credible rampart against neighbouring Israel and its refusal to disarm is the main political crux in Lebanon.Hezbollah members have been accused over the 2005 assassination in a massive car bomb blast of Rafik Hariri, the dominant figure of Lebanon’s post-war political landscape.”President Aoun is waiting for Hariri’s return to Beirut to enquire about the circumstances of his decision and decide on the next steps,” a statement said.
Hariri said in his speech that the political climate in Lebanon was reminiscent of that which prevailed before his father was killed.The February 2005 assassination triggered political upheaval that led to Syria’s military withdrawal from Lebanon.He argued it was the latest manifestation of the tug-of- war between Saudi Arabia and Iran and called for intensifying diplomatic efforts to solve the feud.