Movie review: PSV Garuda Vega


OVERVIEW: A woman is killed randomly. An accident happens. These two incidents are inter-linked, suspects NIA Officer Chandrasekhar (Rajasekhar). Then it is revealed that a gang is after a hacker who has some secret data. The hacker (Aadith) demands Rs 10 Cr from the gang and when they are about to exchange the money at a public place, NIA team gets the information that a bomb has been planted at a rally. They zero in on the location and diffuse the bomb and also nab the hacker. The hacker has information about a scam on nuclear technology. How Sekhar and his team expose the real guys behind this scam and save the country is what the film is all about.

REVIEW: The film is Rajasehkar’s one-man show. He is there in almost every scene of the film. His body language is perfect as an intelligence officer. Rajaekhar’s screen presence is vibrant. After a long time, he has come up with a role that suits him well and this is going to be a major breakthrough in his career. Pooja Kumar is okay in the film.

Shraddha Das is also good. Adith Arun played a good role. Ali and Prithvi Raj tried to provide some good entertainment in the movie. The film also has Kishore playing the lead antagonist who did really well. All the others are good in their roles and made their presence felt.

The major highlight of the movie is its making values and its high-class visuals and stunts. Some of the action stunts are on par with A-class Bollywood movies. The feel and look is classy.

Cinematography is first rate and the action sequences are out rightly excellent. Cinematographer and action choreographer’s work is most impressive. Background score is also apt. Editing is the major issue. The movie has 2 hour 40 minutes of runtime. It needs lot of trimming.

Final verict of the film is a genre-specific action film with right story line and top-notch visuals and production values.Rajasekhar’s performance, action stunts, cinematography and production values are the major assets.