“House of Cards” employees accused Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment

Vastavam web: Eight people who currently work on “House of Cards” or worked in the past have accused Kevin Spacey of creating a “toxic” environment on the sets through his “predatory” behaviour.All the eight people from the show spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity. They said Spacey’s behaviour was “predatory” and involved non-consensual touching and crude remarks.
Spacey, the lead star and an executive producer on “House of Cards”, recently announced that he was taking a break from acting to seek treatment and evaluation.”I was in a state of shock. He was a man in a very powerful position on the show and I was someone very low on the totem pole and on the food chain there,” he said, adding the actor again made inappropriate contact in the trailer while he was coming out after keeping his belongings there.
“I have no doubt that this type of predatory behaviour was routine for him and that my experience was one of many and that Kevin had few if any qualms about exploiting his status and position. It was a toxic environment for young men who had to interact with him at all in the crew, cast, background actors,” he said.The crew members said they never complained about Spacey because they were afraid of losing their jobs.A former female production assistant who worked on the show for several seasons said she witnessed Spacey’s crude behaviour toward male assistants.In a statement it said, “Netflix was just made aware of one incident, five years ago, that we were informed was resolved swiftly. On Tuesday, in collaboration with MRC, we suspended production, knowing that Kevin Spacey wasn’t scheduled to work until Wednesday.
“Netflix is not aware of any other incidents involving Kevin Spacey on-set. We continue to collaborate with MRC and other production partners to maintain a safe and respectful working environment.” “We are deeply troubled to learn about these new allegations that are being made to the press concerning Kevin Spacey’s interaction with members of the crew of House of Cards,” the MRC statement said.