Xi Jinping displaying “core leader” status as he kicks off second term

Vastavam web:  Chinese President Xi Jinping has begun his second five-year term by firmly displaying his “core leader” status, which equates him with founder of modern China Chairman Mao Zedong, putting himself ahead of other six top leaders for the first time in public.Xi, 64, along with other six members of the Politburo Standing Committee, which reflects the collective leadership of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) since it was introduced in 1981, stood ahead of others yesterday when they made their high-profile visit to the birthplace of the party instead of standing along with them, a practice that was followed for long.
The Congress endorsed a second term for Xi, regarded as the most powerful leader of China in recent years, and Premier Li Keqiang, 62 and elected new five members who represented different factions within the party, which is run on collective leadership principle.His status was further elevated by including his ideological thought in the party Constitution by the Congress, making him only the third leader of the 96-year-old party to be accorded such an honour.
Yesterday, in a significant move, Xi along with other Standing Committee members visited the party office, established in 1921 at Shanghai, where he displayed his “core leader” status.A video clip by state television showed the six men standing in a row behind Xi, the “core” of the party leadership, facing a hammer and sickle as they repeated Xi’s words.Yesterday’s trip was Xi’s first visit outside the capital since he began his second term as the most powerful leader Communist China has seen since Mao.
The video also showed Xi strolling outside the historic site with other members walking behind him.Official media quoted Xi as saying that the aim of the tour was to revisit the Party’s past – especially the history of its founding – to learn from the predecessors of the revolutionary times and their noble spirit.Unlike other countries, the military in China functions under the party and not under the government.
China revealed its new national police Communist Party boss today, amid reshuffles at the top of the country’s domestic security apparatus after Xi started his second term in office.Since his elevation last week, Xi has been appointing his supporters in key positions in the provinces as well as at the centre