Movie Review: Kalathur Gramam

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: The story is about a village named Kalathur and the lives of the people. Kishore is the village head and the people in the community have robbery as their profession. The village people don’t allow the police get in and hence the government has black marked the village. The villagers produce all their essentials by themselves. In a particular situation, the village head misses his wife and child. Where have they gone? What happened to them? Did Kishore find them out? Watch the film in theaters.

REVIEW: The film was promoted as a Ilayaraja musical that will bowl you out. Kalathur Gramam is much more than the music of Ilayaraja. No doubt the maestro has selected the right movie to give his best, but the screenplay and narration is astounding. The technicians are no big names but have given their best. Cinematographer Pushparaj Santosh and lyricist Kanmani Subbu have done an excellent job.

Going to the cast, Dheeraj Rathnam among many others has been cast aptly and they give their soul to the characters. Yet another advantage is that it is not a one line story but has several sub plots that will appeal to different sections of the society. Locations are just mind-blowing.

A village on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra is off the radar of the police. Here you have two friends Kidathirukai and Veranna (Kishore and Sullie Kumar) and Kidari is the leader of the village, Kalathur Gramam. Friendship breaks as Veerana is a womanizer and finally gets killed by Kidari. Kidari ‘s child is given to his friend’s parents as a repentance. The parents leave the village with the baby.

30 years later, Kishore has to resist the police from coming to the village and his son has grown up as a youth who hates his father. If one has to look for the minus, then at times you get shades of Thevar Magan. Over emotions and no subtlety, but then you can say that as it is set in seventies and eighties, the characters are over emotional but you have to relate to the today’s generation.

Kishore’s performance is fantastic. When he searches his son, he brings in the real emotions of a father. Others have also done their part well. The real hero is Ilayaraja. His background score takes us to the Kalathur Gramam.

Final verdict of the film is Kalathur Gramam has a good script and it has been executed well. But, as the film has limited known faces, the audiences lose their interest.