Spain foreign and justice ministers dubious on asylum chances

Vastavam web: Spain’s foreign and justice ministers today poured cold water on the viability of a potential asylum bid by Catalonia’s deposed separatist leader, who is in Belgium seeking legal advice.”It would be surprising if he were granted asylum in the current circumstances,” Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis told the Cadena Ser radio station.According to various Spanish media, he is considering applying for asylum, or at the very least staying in Belgium to wait for Spain to file an extradition request.
Dastis underscored that Puigdemont had not been charged yet and was therefore still “free to move around.” But he was dubious on a potential asylum bid.”We believe that among EU member states, there is a level of reciprocal trust over the fact that we are states governed by the rule of law,” he said.The lawyer Puigdemont contacted in Belgium, Paul Bekaert, has in the past worked on asylum cases involving Spaniards in the Basque Country, once hit by decades of violence waged by armed separatist group ETA.
Bekaert told Flemish television VRT yesterday that Puigdemont had appointed him as his lawyer, adding however that on the issue of asylum, “nothing has yet been decided.”