Are ISIS left overs coming to India ?

Vastavam web:With rapidly changing situation in Iraq and nearly 90% control of Iraq back to American and Iraqi forces, ISIS losing ground could be an understatement, ISIS as a terror organization is on the verge of collapsing under its own weight with hordes of their fighters been killed or surrendering in mass, many foreign fighters are making a desperate bid to get out of the country and head back home and in that groups are Indian Muslim men who has joined ISIS in Iraq who might be heading back home . According to the Intelligence report, NIA is tracking the movement of at least three Indian ISIS Men who are heading back via Turkey to India and might be arrested on arrival in India. NIA and other Secret agencies are working in tandem to arrest all returnee ISIS fighters from India and it is likely in coming weeks more and more Indians will try to make it back to India soon. While Indian recruited men in ISIS were minimal their level of radicalization will always be a concern back home for Intelligence agencies.