Gulf victim returned home with support of Gangula Muralidhar Reddy team

Vastavam web: Two years back with the support of his local agent Rajaiah Yenkampally spent one lakh and ten thousand for his job in kuwait by taking loan and got cheated as usual!.Deceiving the vast majority of wage agents, he spent a couple of years living in Kuwait with life of poverty.Later with the help of Muralidhar Reddy and their team assistant he returned to his native place. Muralidhar Reddy and their team came to know his difficulties provided their support to reach his native place Sathasivanagar.According to the details from Muralidhar Reddy and their team of email to “vastavam” newspaper…

On Januwary 9th 2016, he came as Domestic worker to kuwait with visa no. 20 (Domestic Visa) then his sponsor changed into visa No.18(Work Visa) agricultural labor – shepherd Beginning time 300 Sheep now 100 sheep. Ten years back he started working as labor in Saudi. His sponsor is treated very badly and harassment, while working one fine day attacked by his owner badly his legs in Jeep and Head was on Road and got head stiches around 22 and Person became very weak, one taxi fellow dropped him at Indian Embassy, Later he contacted his villagers.

Embassy – Embassy taken full care of his health and medical issues and his repatriation work, Embassy staff also paid him for pocket money, full efforts kept, they are handed over him to DLO office with his out pass and Ticket on 22nd October,17, he may come in couple of days to Hyderabad and Embassy succeed to collect 400 kd from his owner.

Financial Conditions is very poor, no salary and not enough needs to take care of himself and his family as well, they are joint Family. He is only son and his brother passed away. His Father 70 years old aged, medically weak and he is the one taking care his entire family . He does not have enough need to protect himself and his family as well as. Hence I request Government to help him in this regard , also provide any suitable work / job , he can manage himself and his entire family, kindly take a note and please act in this regard.

Services provided externally in Kuwait by lead Muralidhar Reddy Gangula, with the help of Sri Siddala Swami, Mahipal Chindam , Mallaiah Parsa, Bhumesh are following this work.Ticket Paid by Muralidhar Reddy and friends-81kd(IRS 17500 approximately).For his Tickets financially supported by Ezship App (Parcel Service in Hyderabad),SriSwamy TKS Ex.Preseident, Sri Prabhakar Eligeti, Sri Penumaka Sharma,Sri Garlapati Ashok,Sri Lakkakula Ashok Kumar,Sri Prakash Naidu,Sri Rajasheker Gopalakrishnan,Sri Ramachandra Sharma, Sri Mohan Krishna ;Sri Muralidhar Reddy Gangula,Sri Siddala Swamy, Sri Chebrolu Subbarao Garu, Sri Mallaiah, Sri Amarnadh Reddy Challa.

Special Thanks to every supporter and some Other States Associations and Indian Communities also donated him 200kd(Rs.43000), Ravi Gannarapu friends 85KD(Rs.18300)

Request to Government – Provide ticket funds on urgent basis, at home care their Medical, Educational, survival things, NRI Ministry opened to support gulf victims, Please organize with District Officers should coordinate with internally to clear these matters Your usual cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.Thanked Minister KTR for doing his support in this part.

Muralidhar Reddy and their team press release statement by the e-mail to “vastavam newspaper” details:

Rajaiah Enakkampally, 43 years old,  Rangapeta,  Sathasivanagar village.

Passport Number-L650474

Registration number-KU0RPT102386417

Embassy Compliant Number Number-2630

Aadhaar Card No. 2931 0559 4570