Movie Review: Mersal


OVERVEIW: The story of the Mersal moves through the two main characters, Maaran (Vijay), a sincere doctor who fights against corruption and Vettri (Vijay), a magician who is out for a revenge. Both of them are estranged brothers and once they come together, they get to know about their common enemy ,Daniel (SJ Surya), who had killed their father (Thalapathy played by Vijay) and mother (Nithya Menen).

Mersal deals with this revenge tale and has taken up some important social issues, as well. The movie is packed with certain amount of surprise packages along with its own share of entertaining elements. Atlee, the director has laced the movie with entertainment and message.

REVIEW: Vijay donning triple roles for the first time in his career plays to the gallery in all of them and scores big. As Maaran he displays class and subtleness along with a playfulness with the scenes involving Samantha and Yogi Babu. As Vetri the magician he is all flamboyant,fun and entertaining and turns into a tornado in the fight scenes. In the much anticipated village head role the Thalapathy rules the hearts with his innocence,his surrender to a dominant wife and his social conscience. In all three roles Vijay connects to his fans strongly and also conveys his political stand boldly.

Among the heroines it is Nithya Menen who has the meatiest role doing full justice to it and her chemistry with Vijay is impeccable. The only wish of a fan would be for Nithya to watch her weight. Samantha as the love interest of the doctor has put in a spirited performance and her comedy works well due to perfect timing from her and her costars Yogi Babu and Vijay. Kajal looks pretty in the one duet she has but otherwise has nothing much to do in the script. Vadivelu scores more in the emotional scenes than in comedy while Sathyaraj is listless as the cop in pursuit. S.J.Surya excels as the suave villain in the period getup as well as the modern one and his dialogues on contemporary politics and medical profession bring the house down. Kovai Sarala and Kaali Venkat make good contributions in small roles.

‘Mersal’ works big mainly because of Vijay’s mass and because the malpractices in the medical profession show in the film is very relateable. The flashback portion is emotionally charged and most of the logical loop holes pass by thanks to well placed mass moments at regular intervals. The masala factors of song,dance and fights keep the ‘Rasigan’ well entertained enough to digest the messages.

Musically, the work of AR Rahman can be divided into two parts, the songs, and the background score. He impresses with the BGM, but the songs are passable at best barring one. Technically the film is super slick with excellent cinematography. The editing could have been better, especially in the second half where there is a lot of drag. The choreography of songs is colorful, but only Macho song stands out.

Final verdict of the film is Mersal is a movie which will entertain fans to core. It has nice message and so normal audience shouldn’t avoid the movie.