You could soon opt to fly if Rajdhani ticket’s not confirmed

Vastavam web: This is a good news for the un confirmed passengers of Rajadhani express as the government is thinking of alternative ways to reach them to their destinations. Passengers with unconfirmed AC-I or AC-II tickets for Rajdhani Express may soon be able to fly to their destination instead by paying the difference, if any, in the price of the train and air tickets. Ashwani Lohani had planned the move last summer when he was Air India chairman, but the railways had not reacted to it positively. Now the chairman of the Railway Board, Lohani+ has said he will clear the plan if AI puts it up again. “If AI approaches us with this proposal, we will accept it,” Lohani told  A large number of people end up with unconfirmed AC-II Rajdhani tickets almost every day due to a severe demand-supply crunch in the railways. In a bid to boost AI’s aircraft occupancy, “turnaround man” Lohani had planned that such people’s contact details could be automatically shared with AI, which could then offer them seats on flights for the same destination at competitive rates. “AC-II Rajdhani fares are more or less similar to air fares,” Lohani said.