I tend to think more about death as days pass says Alec Baldwin

Vastavam web: Alec Baldwin says he tends to think more about death as days pass and wonders how much time he has left.The 59-year-old actor says it is hard for him to take in that people are dying at the age of 60, reports GQ magazine.The “SNL” star says he has no regrets about his life, but wishes he could have done better for himself in his career.”But my life is great. I found a woman 26 years younger than me who was dumb enough to marry me, that was her only flaw. I just want to be grateful for my life and not to worry about my career. Whatever happens, happens.”
Baldwin admits he used to envy actor Leonardo DiCaprio for doing better than him.”How blessed is Leo? To make those movies with Marty? I mean, what a great life he’s having. But at the same time, and I’m not saying this with any judgement, Leo is single and has no kids.