Xi Jinping foiled a coup by former political heavy weights

Vastavam web: Chinese President Xi Jinping has foiled a coup by former political heavy weights who were at the receiving end of his high-profile anti-graft campaign, a top Chinese official has revealed.Xi, who is set for a second five-year term as General Secretary of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), has saved the party by foiling a coup plot by his detractors, Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission said.Speaking at a panel on the sidelines of the 19th CPC Congress here yesterday, Li has accused a string of disgraced cadres of plotting to seize the reins of power, it reported today.
Among those named was the former party boss of megacity Chongqing, Sun Zhengcai, once a front-runner for a place in the inner circle the Politburo Standing Committee, who along with his wife were summarily removed by Xi. Both were taken away for disciplinary investigations.Rumours have been gripping Beijing over likely fallout of Xi’s massive anti-corruption campaign against “tigers and flies” in which former security czar, Zhou Yongkang, Bo and host of top generals have been put to trials. This is the first time an official disclosed it.
Considering the threats faced by him, Xi, 64, has been provided with the highest personal security.Like Bo, Zhou too is serving life term in jail after accepting a host of charges against him.A report by state-run Xinhua news agency said late last month that Sun had been expelled from the party and handed over to judicial authorities for further investigation. The announcement came two months after his downfall but no details of the investigation were released.Liu said Xi had taken great effort over the past five years to tackle corruption, which “seriously endangered the party’s ruling foundation and ability to govern”, the Post report said.Observers say that the massive anti-corruption campaign in which over a million officials have been punished has also enabled Xi to consolidate his hold on the power emerging as the most powerful Chinese leader heading the party, Presidency and the military.
“The central leadership of the party with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core saved the party, saved the military and saved the country over the past five years.He saved socialism,” Liu said.”More seriously, some even sought to … seize party and state power, engaging in activities to split the party, and seriously threatening the nation’s political stability,” the CPC’s mouthpiece, the People’s Daily quoted Wang as saying.
Wang also said the central authorities managed to punish Zhou, Bo and other leaders so as to eradicate a number of conspirators and ambitious schemers within the party, the report said.Yesterday Yang Xiaodu, deputy secretary of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC which carried out the crackdown told the media that about 440 senior officials of the CPC including 43 top officials party at centre were investigated in the sweeping anti-corruption carried out by Xi in the last five years.