Police offer huge reward to catch serial killer

Vastavam web:After 37, years, now the Australian police have announced the huge reward amount to catch the accused of the serial murders occurred in 1980. Police are expecting that the reward amount will help them in catching the killer. Police hope the six $1 million rewards will help them find the person responsible for the murders of the women killed in what was known at the time as the Tynong North murders. The women were killed between May 1980 and November 1981, with the victims aged between 14 and 73 years old. Police said all the women were on foot when they were taken, with the majority intending to take public transport. Their bodies were found hidden in scrubland at Frankston, in bayside Melbourne, and at Tynong North, south-east of Melbourne, and the offender tried to hide their identities by taking their personal items.Victoria Police Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Mick Hughes said police believed one of the victims, Bertha Miller, had been approached by a man at a tram who had noticed she was carrying a bible, two weeks before her death.”She spoke to a friend after that and was pretty encouraged, she saw that as an opportunity to talk Christianity to that person,” he said.