Movie Review: Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2


OVERVIEW: Sarath Kumar starrer Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 is a thriller set against a time period of one night. JPR has directed this film, which is adaptation of Rajesh Kumar’s crime novel. So, what’s the Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 all about? Yet another tale about incidents that happen in a single day across Chennai city? Lots of such assumptions might mount up until you’re perplexed as the show begins.

REVIEW: Filmmaker JPR has tried to make a better adaptation, but somewhere fails to convey the actual premise with much thrilling impact. A thriller with just 100 minutes of duration would instantly make us draw assumptions that it’s going to be a real high paced thriller. But in contrast, the moments are too slow and we get to sense it more dragging across places. Except for the portions during post-intermission, where the mysteries are resolved intellectually, the major problem occurs with the screenwriting.

The first few minutes instantly get us into the premise of this film, where the posters ‘Angeline Death – Today or Tomorrow’ with a question mark is flashed across the walls as posters. Feeling suspicious of some mysteries, police officer (Napoleon) assigns Sarath Kumar to handle the case. Meanwhile, Sarath Kumar’s family gets anonymous threatening as well. This intensifies the need of protagonist to solve the mystery and trap the culprit before the dawn.

Sarathkumar goes about his role in a mechanical manner. Suhasini comes in a short brief role while the others are just about there going through their motions.

Cinematography by Vijay Deepak is interesting and tries to make the scenes more intriguing than they actually are. Music is by Jakes Bejoy that does not work too well. Dialogues are bland while direction by JPR is below average.CO2 fails to do justice to the novel and sadly does not work despite potential.

Final verdict of the film is, it is absolutely boring with no big interesting elements and direction is tedious as well.