Movie Review: Solo


OVERVIEW: Solo is a Malayalam-Tamil bilingual anthology film, which features Dulquer Salmaan in the lead role. Mani Ratnam’s protege Bejoy Nambiar known for his works like David and Saithan wields the directorial hat for this experimental anthology. Apart from directing, Bejoy has co-produced the project with Abaam Films and Getaway Films.

REVIEW: Solo consists of four different segments that do not have any connection to one another. Dulquer plays four characters Shekhar, Trilok, Siva, and Rudra. Not many could have pulled off 4 different styles with such ease like how Dulquer has done. He owns the film entirely.

Though there is no story level connection between the 4 characters essayed by Dulquer, love, pain, and loss (either human or relationship loss) are some of the common factors that you notice in all the episodes. The director has used back and forth narrative pattern for all the 4 stories to make it look complicated. He did not try and spoon-feed the audience which could make or break the film.

Dulquer Salmaan deserves a huge round of applause for his impeccable movie selection skills. Kudos to the actor for associating with such a brave experiment. When it comes to the performance, Dulquer Salmaan once again proves that he has immensely improved as an actor, with the four stellar performances in Solo. Especially, his performances as the characters Trilok and Siva are truly praiseworthy.

Bejoy Nambiar makes a fantastic debut with Solo, which is truly a new experience for the Malayalam audiences. The director has made a brave attempt by blending the four main elements of panchaboothas with four different stories. When it comes to the technical aspects, except World Of Rudra, all the three segments are well-made and totally engaging. Nambiar has introduced a making style which is totally new to the Malayalam industry, which is praiseworthy.

Final verdict of the film is, this experimental anthology will not disappoint you if you are a genuine movie lover.