Movie Review: Ranchi Diaries


OVERVIEW: ‘Ranchi Diaries’ has generated quite a bit of buzz because of the presence of Anupam Kher who is also producing the film and also because of the fact that it is being made with newcomers. The story is set up in a Naxal-prone village backdrop where Pinku (Taaha Shah) runs a small food stall. One fine day Pinku along with friend Monu (Himansh Kohli), Gudiya (Soundarya Sharma) decides to rob a small bank but twist arises when they are kidnapped by a Naxal boss-man in the same bank. How things proceed further makes an interesting?

REVIEW: The film opens with a convincing scene, wherein Jimmy makes an impactful entry as a police officer, reminds me of his portrayal of a sub-inspector Ranveer Singh in Special 26. Before you expect him to do anything gripping, the frame shifts to Anupam Kher’s Thakur Bhaiya. Kher is that one actor who knows how to make his character look interesting even if it does not have much scope in the story, but the plot of Ranchi Diaries only wastes the sheer talent this star has.

Taaha Shah, still, acts better than the lot. He is earnest with his performance. Himansh Kohli breaks his wood-acting record he created with his debut film, Yaariyaan. Anupam Kher has produced the film and with a bunch of talented people in his acting school – Actor Prepares, Himansh should’ve been the last option for a lead. Anupam’s character is also royally wasted.

Soundarya Sharma looks beautiful – most probably the only delightful thing of the film. Hypnotising with her alluring smile she lights up the film with her presence. Pitobash – a critically acclaimed actor’s aura also is decayed. Jimmy Sheirgill, from the start, has been clearly shown without a girl – because anyhow, in the end, he wouldn’t have got her.

The music for the film is composed by Tony Kakkar, Jeet Gannguli and Nickk. It’s as depressing as the film. Not a single track intrigues you to even listen to the film.

Final verdict of the film is a wasted effort as there is nothing peculiar about this film.It is a totally unprofessional work of cinema that would damage the equanimity of the most tolerant of Hindi movie watchers.