Movie Review: Raju Gari Gadhi 2


OVERVIEW: Ashwin Kumar (Ashwin) and his two friends (Vennela Kishore and Praveen) together buy a resort to do business. When their business is running good they happens to know about a ghost in that resort through Nisha (Seerat Kapoor). They try to solve it with the help of a church father (Naresh) they know and it fails miserably and their fear of that ghost increases more. Church father takes them to Rudra (Nagarjuna Akkineni), who is a mentalist and who is one of the best in the world in his profession and Ashwin and his friends seek his help. He comes to resort with them and he confronts a powerful girl’s soul which is seeking for revenge. How Rudra solve the problem? What is the story of that girl forms the rest of the story.

REVIEW: The first half an hour of the film is all about the usual ‘bachelor escapades’, which are peppered with youth oriented dialogues and gestures. Suhanisa (Seera Kapoor) stays at the resort, whose skinshow and glamor appeal the targeted section. The comedy scenes involving Vennela Kishore and friends did not work out much, as it appears to be forced humor at large.Upon the entry of the ghost, movie engages the audience better with some eerie moments. The acts of the ghost in the form of visual effects are neatly done. Though visual effects are not extravagant, the simple conceptual shots picked for VFX work, have been effectively executed.

Nagarjuna in the role of Rudra, the mentalist is well suited. It is a simple role for the experienced actor but his presence makes all the difference.Samantha gets a meaty role that appears in the second half of the story. Samantha has come up with good performance in a key emotional climax sequence.Vennela Kishore has generated some good laughs along with Shakalaka Shankar. Praveen and Ashwini Babu are okay. Seerat Kapoor provides the glamour quotient.

Music composed by S S Thaman is nice. He is in a great form now a days and is giving the best background score as compared to any other music directors. His background score for the emotional sequences has taken the movie to another level. Cinematography by R Diwakaran is superb. Editing is fine. Art department did a fine job and production values are rich and apt.

Final verdict of the film is Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is a melodramatic thriller which has some good moments here and there. Things become interesting only because of Nagarjuna and Samantha’s superb performances