Movie Review: 2016: The End

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: 2016 The End is about what Sunny, Asse Rahul, and Sheetal do when they come to know that the world is going to end in 7 days. This gives everyone a chance to think about how would they live the last days of their life. Ironically, no one knows if today could be their last day.

REVIEW: 2016 The End is a fresh idea for Bollywood that looks at how we would react if we knew the world was coming to an end in seven days! All our lives we spend thinking, planning, prioritizing issues that seem totally meaningless if we were told that we had only seven days to live and that doomsday was finally here. Great topic for thought and introspection, as we would all react differently.

But Writer and Director Jaideep Chopra takes us into the lives of four wacko friends, each of whom have their own take in life. Panic sets in when they read about doomsday coming in seven days and they set off fulfilling their ‘last unfulfilled wishes’. Here on, it’s one laugh riot to the other.

This young, fun, peppy and crazy comedy has Priya Banerjee and Harshad Chopda as fresh faces. Priya Banerjee (playing Sheetal), gets her second break in Hindi cinema after Jazbaa, having acted in some Telugu films down south. Harshad Chopda (playing Rahul), who is a familiar face on TV gets his big break in Bollywood. Divyendu Sharma (playing Sunny) continues to be seen after films like Chasme Baddoor and Pyaar ka Panchnama.

Kiku Sharda (playing Asse) gets out of his cross-dressing avatar and back to his normal self, Rahul Roy (playing D’Costa) is seen after a long time playing the big bad boy.

Unfortunately, it’s not a picnic for the audience who is treated to their silly, seemingly wild, but entirely unfunny and unpalatable antics. While the set up manages to work up some interest, the road-trip runs entirely flat and uninteresting. The writing is pithy and the direction goes berserk trying to drum up some fun. This is a bad idea with a bad run. Can’t imagine why anyone would waste hard earned money to experience it.

Final Verdict of the film is a fidgety film full of half-finished gags. But nonetheless 2016 The End is a wacky apocalyptic comedy with some very competent actors pitching in sportingly.