Two Tigers Kill Caretaker In Bengaluru's Park

Vastavam web:A 40-year- old man was mauled to death by a white tiger at Bannerghatta Biological Park on Saturday evening. The victim Anji lived in the nearby Hakki Pikki Colony,
and had taken up the post of caretaker on temporary basis only a week ago. The
enclosure that is home to three tigers has three gates, one of which opens into the
safari area. Every morning, this gate is opened for animals to leave the enclosure and
closed once they return in the evening. On Saturday around 7 p.m., Anji went into the
enclosure to feed the tigers and check if they had returned from the safari area, said
the Bannerghatta Biological Park police. However, he delayed closing the gate. That
was when one of tigers attacked him, and dragged him out into the safari area. It was
only when the forest staff in the vicinity heard his cries for help that they realised
what had happened. He died on the spot.