Mr Raju Bakkayolla reached home with initiative of Gangula Muralidhar Reddy

Vastavam web: Raju Bakkayolla, 34Years, Residence Rampur-Dichpally Mandal. Nizamabad District.Passport No:K8269529,Adhar No.2376 2631 0763 ,Madad Gr.ID:KURPT102265017 Registered on 3rd Aug17-2Months back.Kuwait Civil ID :203040806036,Residence Expired on 27Aug13 -Years,1Months ago,Indian Embassy Complaint No.1847-Regd on 28-Jun-17 -3Months ago.

By the efforts of Mr. Muralidhar Reddy Gangula – Social activist along with the support of Indian Embassy and other Activists Mr Ali safely sent him back to India on 04/09/2017.Father Pedda Rajanna – Very Sick and poor lives in an Old clay house not in good condition and He istheonly Son for the family, Married and have two Sisters to take care. He has to repay a loan amount of 3 lakhs.

He first worked in Dubai as Building labor paying 1.5 lakh rupees as agent fee and then the Company was closed after few months and he was back to India with no income. He spent again 1.2 Lakh rupees to come Kuwait in August 2013 and here he got cheated with Agents and owner, Came as Electrician but forced to work as Agricultural Labor,There was no duty time from morning 4.30 to night11.00 he was working.

Spraying medicines to Plants was his job. Because of this reason his hands got spoilt and cannot eat food also. He paid kd equal to INR 87000 to renew his residence and then there also he was cheated. Hence at last he ran away from farms – started working in other areas.
Medical :For last 3 Months he is sick with blood seen in his tools and lost his complete wellbeing. He cannot avail loan for his hospital feel so because of his loans in India.

Muralidhar Reddy Gangula Registered Madad Portal, and Followed-up with Embassy, and kept on insisting about his worst condition.Our Embassy was kind enough and immediately extended their helping hand to clear this issue to safely put him back to India. With the support of Embassy and Mr Ali his Absconding case was sorted out and he was allowed to travel back to his home town on 4rd September2017 after 4 years of struggle.

Muralidhar Reddy’s Request to Government – Indian Government should keep some fund to rescue and lift labors who face this kind of situations with kind heart. labors working on work visa at trouble are not getting even a travel ticket from Indian embassy on emergency.Nowadays all medical charges are in high rates in foreign countries without job without room, in sick conditions labors get into very pathetic condition without any support. Please strictly take action on this kind of abandoned people who lose everything and has no awareness to rescue themselves from the problematic situation and it will also help all our citizens whoever staying in Overseas. And the awareness for them will make sure no such incidents would happen in mere future. Hence, we request the Indian government to help him on his come back to hometown by approving him on government schemes like provision for house for his family and three acres land for agriculture purpose and approve aroghya bheema padhakam which will be helpful for him and his poor family.

Recently Indian government announced Entry visas for housemaids without any restrictions but the above scenario is one such example for inviting trouble without any eligibility criteria applicable on those visas. It will only lead to more troubles directly.Telangana Government NRI Affairs Minister Sri KTRamarao also taking good initiations special thanks to him.