20 Farmers Die Of Pesticide Poisoning In Maharashtra

Vastavam web:Twenty nine-year- old Inder Rathod, who works on cottons fields in Maharashtra Vidarbha region, had sprayed pesticide on the crop last week. That was the last time he saw the lush fields and fluffy cotton crop. After the spray, I couldnt see anything It was so sudden, he said. He gets paid Rs. 200-250 per day for the hazardous job. I have three kids and a wife and I am the only earning member. If my eyesight is gone,I dont know how will I feed my family; he said

Depression and hopelessness drove him to attempt suicide four days ago. He jumped
off a two-storey house. He survived but fractured his leg and is now recovering in a
hospital. Brahmanand Adik, 39, was also exposed to poison and had temporary loss of
visionhad sprayed insecticide that day. Then my head started aching and I couldnt
see clearly. After that I found myself in the hospital He said.