Movie Review: Oye Ninne


OVERVIEW: Vishnu (Bharath) is strongly chastised by his disciplinarian-father (played by Nagineedu) and pampered by his mother (played by Thulasi) at the drop of a hat. Ammu (Shursti Dange) is his soft-spoken, studious and lovely rival, as she is the aforementioned father’s pet girl.The families of the lead pair are thick friends among themselves (the heroine’s parents are played by Raghu Babu and Pragati). While Vishnu’s father will never marry off his son to his pet Ammu, the girl secretly loves him. But does Vishnu also love her?

REVIEW: Bharath has a screen presence and if he improves his skill of expressions a little bit he can really stand as a hero on his own. Shivaji’s voice suits for him very well and that added an extra texture to his over all performance.Srushti proves that she is just not a pretty face and emotes well in her character. Her chubbiness to helps the character to look like a modern village girl who has been spoilt with great love by her elders.

Nagi Reddy, Tulasi, Satya turn up good performances in this movie and they prove to be an asset to the entire length. Tanikella Bharani, Thagubothu Ramesh and Raghu Babu turn to be adequate in their limited scope roles.

The storyline of the film is simple and predictable. There is no excitement in the flow of the scenes. The screenplay and narration is not impressive. Though the film has some good scenes, they were not executed properly and some of the scenes are very bad too. The production values of the film is good. The cinematography work is noteworthy.

The small village set up and the atmosphere have been nicely showcased by the cinematographer. The Music and background score are just ok. Songs are good. Editing is not up to the mark as there are many unwanted scenes that dragged the run time of the film The Editor could chop off at least 10 minute from the second half of the film.

Final verdict of the film is Overall Oye Ninne is clean film with good emotions. Lack of depth in the lead pair and dragged scenes during the second half makes things routine and boring.