Movie Review: Karuppan


OVERVIEW: Vijay Sethupathi ‘s Karuppan is a formulaic rural entertainer which is watchable for the actor’s unique screen presence. Despite a predictable routine story and presentation Karuppan entertains due to its mass elements and racy narration.

REVIEW: Vijay Sethupathi proves again he is an effortless performer, who easily fits in any given role. Karuppan character looks tailor-made for Makkal Selvan, who makes no mistake in delivering it. His charismatic screen presence and body language are enjoyable. Unlike other mainstream commercial films, Karuppan’s heroine has a meaty role with good screen time, fortunately. Tanya has an expressive face, and she has done justice to her role.

However, it would’ve been better if Tanya had rendered her own voice, instead of opting for a dubbing artist. Bobby Simha’s role as the antagonist could have been designed with more weightage and scope for performance. Other actors like Pasupathi, Renu emote well with the limited scope given to them. Singam Puli’s comedy has majorly worked.

There just doesn’t seem to have been enough effort spent on fleshing out the story of this family drama. But kudos to the team for giving the heroine a strong character, and Tanya does justice to the role. Vijay Sethupathi shines in the action scenes, which have all been choreographed to display brute strength, but manage to accommodate the actor’s quirks. However, for the versatile actor to have chosen such a done-to-death story is a complete letdown.

Imman’s songs are not up to the level but the composer scores with the rerecording. Sakthivel’s camera authentically captured the village locales and VT Vijayan’s editing is flawless.

Final verdict of the film is Panneerselvam, who made his debut through the critically acclaimed Renigunta, has taken the commercial route for Karuppan. Taking up the rural backdrop as the base, he could’ve given an engaging, colourful drama, instead of opting for a vengeance drama that we’ve already witnessed many times.