ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas shooting

Vastavam web: ISIS are claiming they are behind America’s worst ever mass gun shooting that killed at least 59 people – despite cops confirming shooter Stephen Paddock had no ties to the terror group. The death cult had claimed in a statement published by their official Amaq propaganda agency that the attacker recently converted to Islam and was a “soldier of the Islamic State”. Stephen Paddock has been named as the shooter responsible for the mass killing in Las Vegas. As the terror group’s caliphate continues to crumble in the Middle East, desperate jihadis have claimed responsibility for attacks they have not carried out. And it appears that this is the case again as US authorities have ruled out the group’s involvement. FBI agent Aaron Rouse, who is leading the investigation, told reporters: “We have determined at this point no connection to international terrorist organisation.” He was reacting to a statement ISIS released earlier, which read: “The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition.”