People who have misbehaved on ‘Bigg Boss’ have rarely got work afterwards

Vastavam web:  He is back to hosting “Bigg Boss” a reality show which often creates controversies and superstar Salman Khan says people who have misbehaved on the platform have rarely got work afterwards.Salman, who has lost his cool on some occasions on the show, believes there is a certain responsibility on the celebrities to maintain their dignity inside the house.The 51-year-old actor says he is aware that some people on the show come to revive their career but only those who show class inside the house go a long way.
“Most of the people who have not been very well behaved in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house have got no work at all. But people who have shown maturity, dignity, class, poise and some substance, they have always got work,” he adds.Last year, Salman threw out Swami Om from the house, a contestant who broke several rules, and the actor says only in times of crisis he gets involved otherwise he does not interfere when it comes to selecting candidates.Due to the crass behaviour of the inmates and the voyeuristic format, Salman says the team is aware there are people who still do not like the show.
“We try to convert all those people who don’t like the show to like it. It’s very tough. It has been a few seasons and they’re still not liking it.This is his eighth season with the reality series but Salman believes not only him, but anyone can host the show as it is more about the contestants.”Anybody can host this show. Because it’s not about the host, it’s the contestants. They give you the material to react on. It’s the team that finds these interesting contestants and it’s all about them.”