iPhone 8 Plus reportedly burst open

Vastavam web: Iphone 8 plus which was launched by apple recently is reportedly getting complaints from various  customers world wide. The flagship smart phone — iPhone 8,reports have poured in about the new smart phone bursting open. Pictures on the social media platform showed the iPhone 8 Plus model that appeared to have split along the edge.

According to Taiwanese media, the owner claimed that the device cracked open while charging. The phone was in use for just five days and charged using the original cable and power adapter. Another customer from Japan claimed that their iPhone 8 Plus was delivered with screen already partially detached. The customer took to twitter to post the images of the damaged phone. Apple confirmed that it is looking into the matter, but is yet to identify the fault. The company believes that the problem was caused due to the battery swelling, but it doesn’t pose a safety concern. IT is still unclear whether the reported issues are isolated or a major manufacturing issue.