Movie Review: Mahanubavudu


OVERVIEW: Anand (Sharwanand) is a rich and sophisticated youngster who has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – excessive obsession for hygiene). He wears his disorder on his sleeve proudly. He falls in love with Meghana (Mehreen) after getting impressed with her hygiene levels. As they fall in love, she realises that his obsession for hygiene is dangerous for normal living. Rest of the story is all about how Anand sacrifices his obsession to win her back.

REVIEW: Hollywood cinema has been attracted by characters with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and there were more than a dozen notable films of this genre. However, this genre is less explored in south Indian cinema which is the subset of Indian cinema. A few years ago, there was a film named ‘North 24 Kaatham’ in Malayalam of this genre. In Telugu, this is first attempt where the Protagonist is suffering from OCD. This genre has ample scope to generate entertainment in films, without heckling the mentally disordered person.

Sharwanand has done decent job as a guy obsessed with cleanliness and neatness. There is not much room for him to show his performance skills but he is at his natural best. His look is quite modern.Heroine Mehreen is not good at all. She lacks glam appeal as well as acting skills. Among other actors, Bhadram and Vennela Kishore are effective.Nasser’s is a typical village father role. The movie has plenty of actors, none of them get registered.

Director Maruthi has once again picked up an interesting setting for the film. Basically it is all about the hero characterization. If Kotha Janta was about hero being selfish, in Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi it’s forgetfulness. The director missed the trick with his last film Babu Bangaram. But now he is back with bang as Mahanubhavudu delivers.

Thaman’s music is top class. Production values by UV Creations are top notch as the film looks clean like its concept. Lyrics are quite romantic and the dialogues were hilarious. Cameraman Nizar Shafi showcased the film in a uber posh manner during the first half and made it quite rooted during the second half. He has showcased Sharwa quite neatly just like his character in the film.

Final verict of the film is it is a good and clean family entertainer which has some very entertaining moments throughout. On the whole it is a satisfactory and minimum guaranteed entertainment for comedy movie lovers.