New York Telangana American Telugu Association Bathukamma Celebrations

Vastavam web: Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A.) celebrated Bathukamma (Festival of Life/Festival of Flowers) with great gaiety.  The event was supported by Telugu Literary and Cultural Association, New York.The event was attended by never before 800 guests from all over the Long Island and Queens, New York! Guests brought about 50 beautiful bathukammas (flowers staked artistically) in all shapes and sizes.   Among the Bathukammas, 5was awarded a best Bathukamma’s with prizes.

Women circled around and sung songs in praise of the Bathukamma and Goddess Durga.  They all danced to the traditional devotional songs.  Women, girls of all ages participated in a well-choreographed dance ballet.  A cat walk show was also organized with tiny toddlers to women walking the ramp showing off their cat walk skills.  Dandia, a dance to fast beat music was another feast for eyes.  Men, women danced to the Dandia numbers. A great festival fervor was evident throughout the event.

T.A.T.A. Team lead by the Regional Vice Presidents Ranjeeth Kyatham and SahodarPeddireddyand TLCA team put up a spectacular show.  Every guest of the day praised the arrangements, non-stop entertainment and delicious authentic food.

Mr. Dr. PaillaMalla Reddy, Chairman, T.A.T.A. Advisory Council, who sponsored food for the event graced the occasion.He wished all the women folks a happy and prosperous Bathukamma and Devi Navatrulu.  He congratulated the teams on the stupendous success of the show.   Mr. SudhakarVidyala, Member Advisory Council, Mr. Madhav ReddyUppugulla, who sponsored the event hall, said it was a wonderful experience to watch the guests donning traditional dresses and participating in the event.  Mr. Sharath Vemuganti, Board of Director, Mr. PhanibhushanTadepalli, EC also graced the occasion.

Mr. Srinivas Guduru, President TLCA, Mr. RaghavaraoPolavarapu, Chairman, Board of Trustees also has conveyed best wishes to the community on behalf of TLCA.  The team members of TLCA who lent their shoulders were MrAshok Chinthakunta, Secretary, DrJyothiJasti Joint Treasurer, and EC members Uma Pollireddy,  SirishaTunuguntla.

The other donors who chipped in,in the mega success of the event are,ShailajaKalva, Sharath Vemuganti, NagasreeNalla, VenigellaShambashivaRao, DrSrideviBhumi, Lakshmi Boddu,Shiva Reddy, Manjula Guduru, SujathaTadepalli, MounikaKunta, Ragini Ravva, Madavi Soleti, ShireeshaShekar Reddy,SudhaMannava, AnithaGagenapalli, ArundhathiAdupa, Uma Polireddy, Narasimha Naidu, SwethaTadepalli, ShailajaChallapalli, RaguramPannala, Pavana Ram Joga, Bhagya Lakshmi, KrishnaTanujaRasaputra

The T.A.T.A. team who strived for several weeks included Ranjeeth Kyatham RVP, SahodharPeddireddy RVP, National women co-chair Madavi Soleti,  Usha Mannem, Yogi Vanama, Pavan Ravva, Mallik Akkinapalli, Satya Reddy Gagenapalli, SrinivasGandham, NagasreeNalla, MounicaKunta, Rama Vanama, SwethaTadepalli, RaginiAnitha Gaggenapally, SujathaThadepalli.