Movie Review: Spyder


OVERVIEW: Siva (Mahesh Babu) is an employee who works in illegal call tapping department for the safety of people in Intelligence Bureau. He enjoys his work so much and one day he hears a conversation between two girls and he sends and lady police who is his friend to guard the house of the girl. The next day city wakes up with the brutal murder of these two by a unknown guy who cuts all their body parts and mixes and makes it very difficult to figure out them. Siva who is deeply affected by this goes on hunt for the criminal and finds him as Bhairavudu (SJ Suryah). Rest of the story is how he nabs him.

REVIEW: Mahesh is fit and perfect as the leading man. His styling as the intelligence bureau officer is very impressive. There are a couple of scenes that shows the best actor in him. However, we have to admit that Mahesh is not used to the full potential by Murugadoss. He is a very good actor that can pull off any role, but directors are not utilizing the powerhouse of talent.Rakul hasn’t much of a role other than being the regular female lead. She is okay.

The characterization of the villain is quite different, one does not come across such villains in Indian cinema regularly. S J Surya as a guy who derives satisfaction from other’s death is terrific. He is ruthless and his menacing act is the highlight of the film.As Mahesh Babu’s friend, Priyadarshi gets a meaty role and he is good. Bharath in a guest role has done commendable job.

Murugadoss tries to blend action and social message into the story. His signature style is present but the authority with which he deals such subjects is missing. There are a few standout scenes that show his mark, but the film suffers a lot due to weak plot. Director relies upon lengthy episodes to engage the audience. It is a lackluster attempt from Murugadoss, who is a good storyteller.

Harris Jayaraj scored brownie points with his signature background score. But the soundtrack is pretty ordinary. Santosh Sivan’s cinematography is impressive. Visual effects are very poor. The film is made on a very high budget, but it doesn’t look like one because of the poorly done special effects.

Final verdict of the film is Spyder is a decent action thriller which has some bright moments here and there besides good performances of Mahesh and Surya.