Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A) grand Bathukamma celebrations in New Jersey

Vastavam web: Telangana American Telugu association (T.A.T.A), set the trend with huge crowd with more than 2000 women in New Jersey this Saturday at Merrill Park. They were all gathered for the T.A.T.A BATHUKAMMA FESTIVAL, the traditional floral festival of India, especially in Telangana. Bathukamma, the Goddess Gouramma illustrate the divine of Telangana, culture of Telugu women and tradition of festivals by praying Durga Devi, goddess of Happiness. T.A.T.A. New Jersey RVPs Sathish Mekala and Gangadhar Uppala, Regional Coordinators Shyam Bonagiri, Neelima Bonagiri, Shivareddy Kolla, Navya Kolla, Srinivas, Prasanna, Bhanu and Jyothsna spent restless two months to make the arrangements for this Big gathering. By noon on Saturday at Merrill park entrance hundreds of women and children gathered with Bonalu, Big Bathukamma and Dappulu. The Assembly of Telangana women set up Gouramma and more than 500 bathukammas at one place and worshipped Gouramma.

Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy, T.A.T.A advisory chair and Chief guest attended with his family Smt. Sadhana Reddy Garu for this festival celebration wished the crowd and said BIG thanks to the devotees of Bathukamma for gathering here to celebrate our Telangana festival. It’s always happy to serve the people for needy and arrange the requirements to run the event smoothly. Dr. Reddy said to the media that Its been years we are celebrating in New Jersey and every year the crowd doubles and this time is more than what we expected. We took the necessary arrangements well advance and he congratulated the team for the successful arrangements. Dr. Mohan Patlolla, T.A.T.A advisory member expressed big thanks and Bathukamma and Dasara festival wishes to the Telangana and Telugu community. Dr. Patlolla also thanked VIP guest Mr. Keith Hawn, Edison republican mayor candidate to come here and aspire to know about our Telangana culture and tradition.

Dr. Vijaypal Reddy, T.A.T.A advisory member and guest of honor attended with his family. He spoke to the media “Bathukamma festival is one of the major festival in Telangana and telanganites has the special tradition that we worship flowers as gods. He expressed sincere thanks to the organizers for having him and applauded that made wonderful arrangements for the huge crowd. Dr. Ram Reddy Malladi, Jt. Secretary thanked the entire team for their hard work to run the festival smoothly. He mentioned RVPs Satish Mekala and Gangadhar Uppala and RCs worked day and night at least two months to gather this big crowd and it’s the highest crowd with two thousand women and children in New jersey Bathukamma celebrations history. Dr. Harinath Policherla Advisory Committee Co-Chair of T.A.T.A. Dr. Sudhakar Vidiyala and Mr. Srinivas Reddy Anugu sent their wishes to the New Jersey telanganites.

T.A.T. A President Smt. Jhansi Reddy over the phone wished the crowd from California. She was very humble to explain the festival history. “Bathukamma is the floral festival. The flowers such as Thangedu, Gunugu, ponna, banthi, chamanthi has great values in medicine. These flowers were gifted by goddess Gouramma considered as Telangana Pedhamma to take of our children. She also mentioned Telangana American Telugu association celebrating Bathukamma and Dasara Jathara across the nation. It’s happening with the great support of executive committee Bharat Madadi EVP, Vikram Jangam Secretary, Mahesh Adhibatla Treasurer, Anil Arrabelli Jt. Treasurer and Rama Malladi Jt. Secretary. President Expressed her sincere thanks for their great support.

T.A.T.A New Jersey organizers conducted special programs in this festival day such as; Best Bathukamma making contest, Kids speech about Bathukamma history, Dance performances, singing Bathukamma songs and Srikrishnudu. All the particpants got trophy and certification. Before mangala harathi of gouramma, organizing committee announced prizes to the winners and distributed. In this huge festive crowd, T.A.T.A team Smt. Sadhana Reddy, Smt. Shialaja, Smt. Dr. Aravindha Reddy, Smt. Jyothi Malladi, T.A.T.A RVPs Gangadhar Uppala, Satheesh Mekala, RCs Shyam Bonagiri, Neelima Bonagiri, Jai, Sree Reddy Algonda, Shiva Reddy Kolla, Navya Kolla, Narasimha Reddy Donthireddy and Shri. Haranath Reddy, ATA advisory chair, Sri. Gade Gopal Reddy, ATA advisory member, Sri. Karunakar Madhavaram American Telangana Association Chair, Dhan Raj Sheri, Rama Mohan Reddy, Madhu Yashki Goud, Congress Ex M.P., Sreedhar Chillara and Vilas Jambula participated.