Movie Review: CRD


OVERVIEW: Mayank (Vinay Sharma) is a tyrannical trainer who extracts the finest out of his theatre college students by the harshest means achievable. Even though Persis (Mrinmayee Godbole), an actress, goes along with it, the novice Chetan (Saurabh Saraswat) can’t. He breaks out of the present group to forms his personal troupe of actors Netra (Abhay Mahajan) and Dipti (Isha Keskar) and challenges his ex-trainer.

REVIEW: Here is another shot in the arm for independent Hindi cinema, which has of late been livened up by the emergence of several unique voices. Writer-director Kranti Kanade is the latest addition to that list. His second fiction feature, CRD, a free-flowing drama set in the world of theatre, dismantles established narrative principles with abandon. It is none the worse for it.

Refreshingly original and delightfully whimsical, this offbeat, difficult-to-categorise film grows steadily on the audience as it wends its way through many captivating feints, none of which is designed for easy comprehension. An air of mystery hangs over the motivations of the characters. Their interactions with each other border on the seductive. And their conflicting creative impulses are illuminating and startling at once. All this makes CRD a film unlike any that we have seen in years.

Visually, way too, the film is a class aside exactly where filmmaker Kranti Kanade takes advantage of all the mediums at his disposal which includes documentary clips, aged 70’s Amitabh Bachchan movies, and cartoons to make his position. The deft editing by Suchitra Sathe is extraordinary, exactly where long normally takes, the quick kinds along with other elements are fused seamlessly.

CRD is a film that will make you chuckle and even shock you much more than a couple of occasions, but it will by no means bore you. Go for it if you like your videos dark and twisted with a weighty dose of humour.

Final verdict of the film is tuned to the pitch of the artist’s heart.