TeNF organised Bathukamma and Dasara celebrations in London

Vastavam web: Telangana NRI Forum celebrated Mega Bathukamma – Dasara jathara (2017) in a Carnival style 2017 in London in United Kingdom.In order to support Telangana Mega Bathukamma Celebrations TeNF has created a great festive and carnival type of arrangements for our Telangana Women to play Bathukamma in London UK.

This event has been held in Indian gymkhana grounds, Osterley Hounslow on 23rdSeptember 2017 and around 2000 Telangana members attended the mega event and made it a grand success.The non-resident telanganites adorned themselves in traditional dresses and walked into the venue carrying plates of flowers with different colours and species, women clad in the beautiful traditional sarees combining them with jewels in order to bring out the traditional grace of the attire, decorated a small wooden platform with them in a circular arrangement with layers to make a conical arrangement of the flowers which is called as ‘Bathukamma’.

After the meet and greet within the group and as part of the rituals, they gathered around in a circle and placed their ‘Bathukammas’ in the center and they danced around rhythmically with traditional songs(bathukamma bathukamma uyyalo, bangaru bathukamma uyyalo) about urging the goddess to take birth again and clapped in unison.

TeNF(Telangana NRI Forum) has created a carnival (Jaathara) environment with flood lights in the open grounds, High quality Marquees & Tents (with equipment to provide heating keeping the weather conditions in mind ) to play bathukamma , full house DJ with telangana folklore tunes , created platform for men to play traditional Telangana ‘kolatam’, pop up jewellery and food stalls, Local business adverts and offers to introduce and encourage local NRI networking, raffle draws, bouncy castle and cup rides for children. Overall a great festive environment was created for all our telanganites to feel home for the Bathukamma celebrations.

Men played ‘Kolatam’ to the telangana folk songs and small children participated actively with small bathukammas and joined their patents in the festivities, which enhanced the event.The elder telanganites who came to UK to spend time with their children and grandchildren got impressed by the way Telangana NRI Forum( TeNF ) celebrating cultural festivals, in overseas without forgetting Indian culture, and they have appreciated TeNF’s efforts is promoting the newly formed Telangana state’s culture and heritage to the world . They felt so happy that their grandchildren are getting a chance to learn more about telangana culture through these types of events.

The chief guests who came to UK from Telangana State to take part in this great Bathukamma jathara are Konda Surekha (TRS MLA), Konda Murali Rao (TRS MLC), T. Prakash Gowd (TRS MLA​),, Gundavarapu Deviprasad (Chairmen of Telangana Breweries Corporation.), Director Surendar Reddy (Druva Fame) appreciated TeNF’s effort’s as responsible telanganites from the ‘Telangana Movement’ till the Reconstruction of Telangana as new state and also praised the efforts in communicating and educating the existence and importance of our traditions for the future generations.

Since the beginning of​ ​this year TeNF has been promoting Telangana Handlooms by setting up handloom stall ‘Chenetha Vastralayam’ in all local community events like Womens day , Ugadi, Bonalu and doing their part in introducing handlooms to NRI people and also educating them by explaining the importance of handlooms and urging them to save the handloom weavers. All this work has been commended by the chief guests.Local MPs Mr Verendra Sharma local people representatives and leaders also attended the event.

Prizes have been given to the best decorated Bathukamma and also for the Raffle lucky draw winners.Later the women followed the ritual of Bathukamma immersion and distributed the ‘Prasadam’.They worshipped the ‘Jammi Tree’ and distributed the jammi leaves with the hope of every body’s wellbeing.Everybody enjoyed dinner with delicious Hyderabadi veg biryani and the deserts.

Telangana NRI Forum Executive Members – President Ceeka Chandrasekar Goud, founder chairmen Gampa Venu Gopal, advisory ​Head ​Pramod Anthati, Vice Presidents Praveen Gangasani, Thirupathi Goli, General secretaries – Nagesh Reddy Kasarla , Treasurers – Venkat Rangu, Naresh Mariyala, Cultural Incharge – Swamy Aasha, Sponsors Team – Ashok Medishetti, Bhasker Motta, Rajest Enubothula, Media Team – Sai Prasad Margam, Sirisha K Chowdary,Social welfare team – Meenakshi Anthati, Suresh Vadlamuri ,, TeNF Women Wing members – Joti Reddy Kasarla, Gampa Jayasree, Hemalatha Gangasani, Preethi Nomula,Kavitha Goli, Kavya Reddy, Rama Devi Thirunagari,Meghala Aakula, Vaani Rangu,Priyanka Karpuram, Sri Lakshmi Maryala, West & North Event Co ordinators – Chitti Vamshidhar Reddy, Sheshu Kumar Aalla, Sathish Vaasireddy, Raju Goud Koyyada,East & North Event Coordinators – , Santhosh Kodipaka, Shasi Koppula, Sridhar Babu Mangalaarapu,have actively participated in the Mega Bathukamma Jaathara.