Movie Review: Yaar Ivan


OVERVIEW: The story revolves around a kabaddi player who is sentenced to jail after being accused of murdering his girlfriend. The police officer who gets to investigate the kabaddi player will be confused with the things that the person say and thinks him as an innocent guy. But when he knows the truth that he killed his girlfriend as she was in love with another person, the things get interesting.

REVIEW: With a good budget this movie apes most elements from Hollywood movies and turns out brash and immature. The funniest thing in the movie is the orange garb worn by prisoners in India like in western movies. The prison wars and games all are reminiscent of English movies. There is a murder angle too and a very strange end to it.

Sachin Joshi has done well with the character that he has given. Esha Gupta has done well in the small character that she has.

Actors Arya and Akhil Akkineni have released the first look posters of Yarivan (Yaarivan) and Veedevadu and asked fans to guess the hero. It is really a unique promotion strategy from the Yarivan team. The posters are doing the rounds on the social networking sites.

Tatineni Satya has chosen a script that is a mixture of various genres. Yes, the movie has a sports genre, mystery and also the masala formula. The narration by Satya is okayish, but it didn’t satisfy the viewers. It was said that the film is bilingual. But, except the scenes involving Prabhu, Sathish and Kishore, all the other scenes seems to have been shot in Telugu and dubbed in Tamil.

Cinematography by Binendra Menon is good while music by SS Thaman is effective. Editing could have been better while dialogues are rudimentary. Direction is below standard.

Final Verdicr of the film is, Although the story is different and the idea to implement is good, the director didn’t execute it in a pleasing way.