Movie Review: Kathalo Rajakumari


OVERVIEW: Arjun Chakravarthy (Nara Rohit) who is a very popular villain in Telugu film industry ,becomes egoistic, head strong in real life too. A major accident changes his outlook towards life and transitions him into a soft natured guy. This lead to failure in his forte of portraying the villainous avatar in the movies as he becomes fail to express his cruelty on the screen. As a result of it, he starts losing films. A yesteryear villain who is also a good personality advisor, recommends Arjun to meet his worst enemy and take revenge, so he can get back his lost cruel nature. Finally after searching, he zeroes in on his childhood friend Sita (Namitha Pramod) who lives in a village called Nandanavanam near Vizag. Arjun goes there and meets Sita. He tries to impress/hates her. What will happen next? How will Sita protect herself from Arjun? To get these answers one should watch the film on silver screen.

REVIEW: Director Mahesh Surapaneni has come up with an interesting concept for the story: a movie star going for revenge in real life when he loses the ability to perform villainy on screen. This hitherto unexplored concept on Telugu screen has scope to weave an interesting plot. But sadly, the director has failed to narrate it convincingly.

Nara Rohit gives a good performance as an arrogant film actor and a painful lover. He showed good variation in both the roles. Looks wise, heroine Namitha Pramod is good and does well as a village girl. Young hero Naga Shourya is good in his cameo.Prabhas Seenu’s comedy timing is good and his spontaneous punches will evoke few laughs here and there. Actor Ajay is okay in his role as a close associate to Rohit. The interval point is interesting and raises good curiosity for the second half.

Ilayaraja-Vishal Chandrasekhar combination could deliver two good songs and back ground music is good.Camera work of Naresh K Rana is just OK.
Karthik Srinivas could have further trimmed the duration of the story to give pace.Weak dialogues have disappointed.Cinematography and production values are adequate. Editing has slapdash quality. Writer and director Mahesh Surapaneni has shown his mark with the concept but his narration lacks dhum.

Final verdict of the film is “Kathalo Rajakumari” is yet another boring film that has hit the theatres in recent times.The badly written screenplay and pointless direction spoil the entertainment level.