Movie Review: Srivalli


OVERVIEW: Gowtam (Rajith) are Srivalli (Neha Hinge) are childhood friend. Srivalli’s father Ramachandra (Rajeev Kanakala) is a famous surgeon and one day, Srivalli goes to the US along with her father and brother. After few years, she came back to city and her father then sets up a trust worth Rs 6000 Cr with his entire assets to promote neuroscience research. Suddenly in a road accident, Srivalli’s father dies and her brother slips into a coma. Srivalli volunteers for a dangerous brain mapping experiment successfully. But can Srivalli use brain waves to revive her brother? What are the consequences of the experiment? On the otherside, she is being stalked and harassed by a homosexual woman called Andrea, a classmate from the US in dream. She became unable to distinguish between the dream and reality. She discussed about this with Gowtham and the things take a violent turn after that. What happens to Srivalli? To get this answer, one should watch the film on silver screen.

REVIEW: Srivalli is ultimately a revenge story. The revenge aspect comes across in the end, but the way the story unfolds to that revenge point is a joke. Various non-coherent ideas are mashed together to get to the point. All of it seems to be done to show something fresh, but the execution makes everything look silly.

It seems Vijayendra Prasad has tried to mix his pet theme of “rebirth” with the theme of Hollywood movie “The Cell” (2000) but his awful ideas, shoddy direction has made it tiresome watch. Idiocy to the core.

Although the film is set in the backdrop of Mangalore, all we get to see Manikonda and Outer Ring Road of Hyderabad with occasional stock shots of seashore. The blood in the movie appears more like water mixed with kumkum. Such cheap making. The VFX work is in the level of MS Paint.

One of the biggest assets of the film is the presence of Neha Hinge. Expressions wise, she needs to get better but her performance is good. Her glamour is highlighted. Rajath Krishna has delivered his best. Rajeev Kanakala as the father of Neha performed well. Rest of the cast performed accordingly.

The story line is interesting. Coming to the director Vijayendra Prasad, he has done a mediocre job and could not execute what was on paper. Enough attention has not been put on the story and screenplay as the plot has many loopholes and screenplay doesn’t grab the audiences’ interest. The graphics used in the film are not remarkable. The editing is not up to the mark.

Final verdict of the film is Srivalli has nothing to boast of in this department. The movie has good plot-line but the brain mapping concept and other scientific techniques did not go well with the film flow.