India contributing to the peacekeeping mission of the UN

Vastavam web: India, one of the top countries contributing to the peacekeeping mission of the UN, has welcomed the US’ decision to bring reforms to the practices of the peacekeeping missions of the world body.US Ambassador to the UN Nikky Haley recently announced that America is changing the way peacekeeping is done by the country.”On peacekeeping, our views are very clear. Peacekeeping by itself is a tool that the UN uses until it resolves the issues. So, if the US would like to address some of the shortcomings of peacekeeping it’s a welcome development,” said India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin yesterday.Akbaruddin refuted any impression that there is any conflict of interest between India and the US on this.
“We do not see a conflict or relationship on that, We see a partnership. We are working with the US on a broad range of peacekeeping initiatives, including training of peacekeepers from Africa. Both India and US work together to train peacekeepers from Africa,” he said.Akbaruddin said India engages with the US bilaterally, plurilaterally and multilaterally.”You will see that engagement with the US during the course of this week in bilateral interactions, in plurilateral interactions and in multilateral interactions,” said the Indian Permanent Representative to the UN.