Delhi Engineers sensitised about proper installation of road signs

Vastavam web: Engineers of the Delhi government’s Public Works Department have been sensitised about proper installation of road signs, days after a study found 70 per cent of the signages in the city were ‘faulty’.As part of the sensitisation work, around 50 engineers yesterday underwent a training programme at a Faridabad-based road traffic education institute on appropriate positioning of signages.”On Saturday, around 50 engineers of the PWD took a class in Faridabad where they were sensitised about signages and other safety norms on roads. The Engineer-in-chief was leading THE engineers,” the official also said.
The Public Works Department recently got to know that many road signages were not properly visible due to branches of trees. A study found that 70 per cent of the road signages in the city along 14 major stretches were ‘faulty’.”In view of this, engineers have been asked to ensure that signages are not covered by tree branches so that motorists can get proper direction through these signages,” oficial said.