Vishal likely to join politics

Vastavam web: Actor Vishal, who is origin of Telugu and playing key role in Tamil film industry and in actively participating in social services is likely to join politics for better service to the society. Vishal has been spending money for farmers and even served the public during Chennai flood along with his fans. He is the general secretary of Nadigar Sangam and President of Tamil Film Producers Council, and for the past few months, he has been spearheading a lot of reforms in Tamil film industry. In a recent interview, talking about his political ambitions, Vishal said, “Like others, I won’t say ‘if God’s willingness is there’ or stuff like that. My straight-forward answer is, yes, if the need arises, I’ll come to politics. There’s nothing wrong in it. In fact, people in power have approached me to join them in the past. At the same time, I’m not nurturing a secret ambition to get there or consider politics as an alternative career.”