Movie Review: Ungarala Rambabu


OVERVIEW: Ram Babu, a happy-go-lucky person, who grew from rags to riches on his own with luck. His mentor suggests him to marry a girl born in a particular zodiac and star to better his condition when he is incurring losses in business. While he is searching for one, he finds his lady luck in Savitri (Miya George), who joins in his travel office as manager. He tries to woo Savitri, who shows interest in him, but she asks him to convince her father Ranga (Prakash Raj), a communist leader in Kerala to take their relationship to next level. How he does it to get his lady luck forms the crux of the story of Ungarala Rambabu.

REVIEW: Sunil as Rambabu in the film has done his role in a usual manner, there is less acting, more dances. His dialogues are archaic and the jokes are completely outdated.Heroine Miya George looks more like a side actress in a big film than a movie’s lead actress. Vennela Kishore as Lenin Sudhakar is okay.Prakash Raj as communist leader has played typical village chief’s role. Rajeev Kanakala is okay but his collector role is not at all convincing.

Kranthi Madhav is a director who can make engaging dramas with heart touching moments. However, the director made an attempt to prove that he could pull off a commercial film. He should have stick with his strengths rather doing something that he doesn’t know. Ungarala Rambabu looked like a film that is made by an amateur as Kranthi Madhav didn’t have control on anything.

Songs composed by Ghibran are okay. They are shot well. His background score is good and helped the movie reach next level in certain sequences. Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is good and he has shot some nice visuals. Editing could have been much better and it faults the second half. Art department did a nice job and production values are rich.

Production values are decent as the film looks quite rich during the second half. Ghibran’s music is unbearable as songs come in at regular intervals and leave you agitated. Dialogues are just about okay and so was the entire set up. Camera work was pretty good and showcased the film in a decent light.

Final verdict of the film is Ungarala Ram Babu is one film which leaves you irritated to no extent.Sunil needs to seriously rethink his strategies in selecting scripts as films like these will only leave him in problems.