Netanyahu singled out Iran as he arrives for Latin America visit

Vastavam web: Benjamin Netanyahu urged all countries to fight terrorism and singled out Iran as a serial offender as he paid tribute to the victims of two bombings in Argentina on the first trip by an Israeli premier to Latin America.Surrounded by heavy security, Netanyahu held a closed- door meeting with members of Argentina’s Jewish community, estimated to be Latin America’s most numerous with 300,000 members.The embassy attack killed 29 and injured 220, while the community center blast left 85 dead and 300 injured.
Israel blamed the embassy attack on the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. Argentine investigators accused five former Iranian officials of sponsoring Hezbollah’s attack on the community center but Iran denied involvement.The Israeli leader, who arrived on Monday, said it is “an obligation for all countries of culture to fight against terrorism … and in particular, against the Iranian terrorism system.”
Israel “will continue to act resolutely to countering Iran’s terror and terror in general” along with its partners in Latin America and in North America, he said.DAIA, an umbrella organization for the country’s Jewish community, welcomed the visit and said it represented a “rapprochement between Argentina and Israel.””In these 23 years (since the bombing) Israel has been an observer, like any other country,” and did not honestly help “search for the truth” behind the attack, she said.
Argentina’s 1980 Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel was also critical.”Not only is he himself accused of committing crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court for killing civilians, bombing schools, hospitals and Palestinian mosques, but he provides protection to a repressor of the last Argentine dictatorship,” Perez Esquivel said.