Movie Review: Thappu Thanda

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: A politician sends a bagful of money with his driver intending to distribute it to the people of his constituency in exchange for their votes. A few individuals plot to steal the money. What happens next?

REVIEW: The story revolves around a politician who transfers a huge amount of money to bribe public for votes and a group of small time robbers who plan to loot that money, it is a roller coaster ride all together with witty dialogues and peppy numbers and interesting characters.Mime Gopi plays a politician and he has done the job perfectly. Sathya, the producer cum actor, has also done justice to his role. But, Ajay Ghosh and John Vijay roles might have been characterized better. John Vijay’s slang creates irritation. Although Ajay plays well, his part needs some changes.

Thappu Thanda is solidly-made for a debut film, and Srikantan narrates his story with confidence. He takes time to establish the characters and motivations, and provides a twist at the half-way mark, which keeps the plot interesting. In the second half, even though we can predict who has actually walked off with the money, he keeps us guessing by throwing in the prospect of look-alikes, plastic surgery and double games.

Debutant director Srikantan has maintained the tempo and the suspense in the movie till the end. The second half is bit slow compared to the first half. However, overall the movie gives a satisfied feel at the end.Sathya who has made his debut in the flick has understood his role and has performed accordingly. However there is still scope for improvement in his acting skills.Mime Gopi has perfected the role of a former MLA with his body language. Thought initially he is shown as a fierce villain, that importance somehow seems to be missing during the end.John Vijay seems to continue his mannerism from his previous movies, which is a bit disappointing and repetitive.Music by Naren Balakumar and cinematography by A Vinod Bharathi could have been better. Editing by Raja Sethupathi is another major highlight of the movie.

Final verdict  of this film is it is a two different Genre films Comedy and Political backdrop.