One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Movie Review

OVERVIEW: ‘One Heart’ is a English film based on Rahman’s music concert tour across North America. The film chronicles Rahman’s concerts across 14 cities in America. The film also includes the video interviews of Rahman and his band members, rehearsal sessions etc and it certainly gives a sneak peek into the less known world of Rahman as a person. So it talks only about a particular concert tour that AR Rahman was part of. If you keep that in mind, you might not get into comparisons of other films of the same genre like ‘This Is It.’
REVIEW: One Heart is an 86-minute concert film that features 15 songs composed by AR Rahman. It goes without saying that all the chosen songs sounded great to listen. You can experience 86-minutes of non-stop great music. And between songs, we get to know few pieces of information on how they conceive an idea, how they multitask, how the team list down the songs that they are going to perform and on what grounds, they select a singer for a tour.
The entourage included singers Jonita Gandhi and Haricharan and renowned music director, singer and drummer Ranjit Barot. t also included unseen footage of a few of Rahman’s early renditions.The documentary film got more intimate with interviews that allowed fans to see how Rahman pulled together talents and the manner in which he created his songs.
‘One Heart’ is not only a tribute to Rahman’s 25 years of journey as a musician. It is also a celebration of Rahman’s committed and super talented band members.Rahman’s speeches through out the film gives a fulfilling picture about how he emerged from the one who hesitated to perform on stage fearing that he cannot reproduced the sounds and music to this stage. His talks take us closer to the genius. And there are some lighter moments from offstage footage of concerts added to the film. Rahman visits to Nashville with his band members to enjoy some club music. While flying sky high on a hot-air balloon Rahman calls up his daughter and jokingly asks whether he can jump.There is a glimpse of Rahman and his wife Saira Banu doing funny things while posing for a photo shoot. These capture the playful guy within the genius.
The best part of the film is the philosophy that AR Rahman talks about time and again. He also speaks about what motivates him to do a concert, the pressure that he undergoes every time he steps on to the stage even after achieving possibly what any musician could dream off. One of the major high points would be the warriors of the heaven and earth track which not many would have heard before. That song sounded so fresh, and it was performed brilliantly well.
Final verdict of the film is “One Heart” is a solid takeway for any fan of the man.You can be immersed in soulful music for around one and a half hours and get a little more closer to Rahman and his music.